Hindu gods and yoga

These pages relating to the Hindu gods are under construction and will continually updated over the next 3 months.

Just a note on Hinduism – The oldest religion in the world that is still practiced today and not ‘invented or proclaimed by a single person’. Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism came forth form Hinduism. There is also no single text that contains the values or principles of Hinduism. Hinduism is considered more of a lifestyle as it is a combination of what we Westerners generally divide into three separate systems:
1. philosophy – representing values, laws, virtues of living in a society
2. science      – representing the truth about our existence, biology, physics,  etc
3. spirituality  –  representing psychology, mental and existential needs

Core beliefs:
1. Humans have a soul or consciousness called ‘atma’ that is part of the universal consciousness.
2. The many gods in Hinduism represent the various aspects of consciousness.
3. Karma – the law of cause and effect. We suffer or find joy, due to Karma – the positive or negative energy that forms our life’s path. In reality our ancestors genes and experiences  influence our current life as well as the decision we make along the way.
4. Reincarnation – our soul, or ‘atma’, never dies, but comes back in different life forms, until we have fulfilled our duty in life and become one again with the universal consciousness (moksha).
5. We are what we eat. (our food is either Rajasi (inducing movement/energy), Satvik (balanced) or Tamasic (inducing sleep/relaxation) according to the Ayurvedic medical science, which is part of Hinduism
6. Hindus seek truth and reality – they follow their lives’ path called ‘Dharma’ – living the right way, according to the right laws, right conduct, right virtues and fulfilment of the right duties.
7. The ultimate goal of a Hindu os to achieve moksha, liberation form suffering and the rebirth cycle.

Click here for a short video showing interesting facts on Yoga and Hinduism

The first three gods I would like to highlight are the Hindi Trimurti or Trinity consists of the following Gods:

Brahma – God of Creation

Vishnu   – God of Preservation

Shiva     – God of Destruction



Hinduism has a intricate system of deities as gods have different incarnations, avatars. and  complicated relationships with each other. The word Avatar, translated form Sanskrit means, ‘descended from heaven’.
I aim to stick to the basics, mentioning only the most common names, incarnations and avatars.

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The second three gods are on the following page.
These are Ganesha, Laskmi and Sarasvati




The final 4 of my personal top 10 are: Durga, Hanuman, Kali and Rama