Yoga at schools

Confident and Calm’ Program – Focus, concentration and relaxation program for teenagers

The CONCA™ Program = 4 one-hour sessions.

Please note: This program is most effective when implemented well before exams are due.


This yoga program is specifically designed for teenagers, providing ways to deal with challenging aspects of school life while keeping cool, confident and calm.

Over the 4-week period students learn practical techniques to enhance focus, problem solving and relaxation . Attention is brought to the following:

1.  Embracing your personal environment (food, sleep and exercise)

This session is about good breathing habits and physical health, as a base for our mental well-being. Techniques to switch the mind off for a good night’s sleep will also be provided.

2.  Perspectives on expectations and competition

Expectations from ourselves and others are a constant dilemma. Competing is a natural urge and can be healthy, but only if the rules are fair. How fair is the competition with ourselves and our peers, really? Adopting a realistic approach.

3.  From Distraction to Concentration

Creating an awareness of individual internal and external distractions. Input of the students is used to create an awareness of the insidious nature of distraction. A practice session will allow the students to explore the habitual nature of their own distractions and deal with them effectively.

4. Dealing with ‘inner chatter’ and working towards Self-belief.

Yoga can provide some good tools to gain mental clarity and focus on exam days. Using a ‘tick off list’ to get back to a ‘state of calm’ can be very useful.