About Yoga Mind 108

My book Yoga Mind 108 is a great mindfulness compendium for everyone who seeks to stay connected to their own personal values and judgements. Each mini meditation guides you to confirm your own position in life, to feel resilient, grounded and contented – a goal we all seem to aim for. Yoga Mind 108 is well laid out and and provides an overview of the yoga philosophy in bite sized pieces. Each of the 108 theme words has its own own page, on which you find one mini meditation(100 words), a practical daily mindfulness instruction, 3 or 4 affirmations and a quote.

The very useful Sanskrit wordlist in the back of the book contains translations of the most commonly used Sanskrit words in yoga.

I have also created a card version of the book with 54 cards. These cards are often used as a ‘positive thought for the day’. They will give the user something positive to focus on for when the mind starts to rehash random dramas.

Please view some samples of both below.

Random standard page
Random Card Samples