Benefits from Yoga Bliss Out

Attending a Yoga Bliss Out Event will leave you with:

  1. Improved energy flow in and around the body
  2. Improved sense of well-being
  3. Improved immunity
  4. Improved clarity of mind, focus and concentration
  5. Improved confidence
  6. Improved resilience
  7. Improved compassion for self and others
  8. Improved positive attitude

Reduced: Stress, anxiety and negative thinking

What is a Yoga Bliss Out Event?

No prior knowledge of yoga is required for participation.

A Yoga Bliss Out Event is a longer than normal yoga class, which is the perfect event to restore the body and soothe the mind. This delicious mini retreat offers the following

  1. With simple tapping and self-lymphatic drainage massage techniques participants will boost their immune system.
  2. Use the breath to detox and relax the body and mind
  3. Align and restore the body with gentle supportive yoga postures (no hard work required)
  4. Bliss Out with Yoga Nidra, also called psychic sleep or deep relaxation meditation
  5. Align your chakras and subtle energy system with Sound Healing
  6. Complete your self-pampering with a hot home brewed chai and Indian sweet

Chakras are our subtle energy centres, which are located along the spine in the body. They are called ‘subtle’ because this energy is largely created by our subconsciousness and influences our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

All chakras are interconnected and rotate with each other like cogs in a clock-work. Sometimes this clockwork may not run as smoothly as it should and that is when a sound healing may be quite beneficial.

A sound healing uses sounds from singing bowls, xylophone, gongs  and chimes. All instruments are perfectly tuned to match each chakra’s frequency and colour. These sounds stimulate and encourage proper flow of energy through means of the entrainment principle. With matching guided visualizations you help improve your own health and well being greatly.

Amanda from Ananda Yoga Hub will compliment the practice with her beautiful blends of aroma mists. These will be available to purchase at the end of the afternoon.

These Bliss Out sessions are like a mini retreat. You are guaranteed to walk away feeling relaxed and re-motivated to take on whatever you need to take on in life.

An easy move from being stressed out to being blissed out!