Sundays, Sound and Stillness

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These events explore the benefits of vibrational therapies. Exposure to sounds and stillness in order to lift your own vibrations is a wonderful way to tune up our energetic system. These meditations will lead you to easily access your inner wisdom, peace and joy.

Sound Therapy increases the creation of Delta waves in the brain, which are super relaxing and therefore beneficial for our whole health and well-being. Sound therapy helps us to change our perspective on challenging issues we may face.  How often can’t we see a way out of the problems we face? How often does our mind repeat, re-live and re-complicate issues? With the help of a Sound Therapy session we can still be involved in what we are doing, but we find ourselves less entangled. A new perspective opens us up to new possibilities

  • Sound vibrations will settle that turbulent energy and allow clarity to arise in the mind.
  • Sound vibrations allow our brainwaves to move at a slower frequency, inducing relaxation.
  • Sound vibrations influence our subtle energy system (of the chakras) and stimulate the chakras to vibrate at healthy frequencies.
  • Sound vibrations reach every cell of the body with their soothing qualities
  • Cost $25 pp

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