Kundalini Yoga – Mooladhara chakra

Welcome to the third edition of the Inner Sanctum Newsletter. After a break of about 3 weeks over the school holidays I hope everyone is ready and motivated to get back into yoga. During these colder months we’ll continue to keep the body warm with a more vigorous vinyasa style yoga. Ocasionally we need to remind ourselves that yoga is a body-mind practice. For that reason I would like to introduce some theory of the Kundalinni Yoga practices this term. While we are working the body, we can direct the mind to the energetic benefits that we are gaining from the asana practice at the same time. I am planning to spend about 2 lessons on each of the 7 main Chakras, or energy centres, in the body.The lowest chakra is Mooladhara chakra (see chart to the right). The internal organs we’ll aim to balance are the kidneys, colon and skeletal system. The endocrine system targeted is that of the adrenal glands. On the neurological level we’ll work with the mudra of fearlessness, Abhaya Mudra. On an emotional level we are making sure that we remain grounded and secure.  Mooladhara has its own bandha or energy lock: the Moolabandha. By drawing up the pelvic floor after complete exhalation and releasing when we need to inhale again, we stimulate the energy flow into the lower parts of our body.


Mooladhara chakra in a nutshell:


Element: Earth
Sound: Lam
Colour: Red

When Balanced: We can have feelings of anxiety, greed, fear and/or a sense we don’t belong or are not good enough.
When Unbalanced: We feel secure, safe, stable and supported. We know there is enough to go around and we also have a sense of belonging.

Asana: Grounding practice with standing poses.

Virabhadrasana 1,2,3


:  Abhaya Mudra – mudra of fearlessness