Sahasrara Chakra

With Sahasrara chakra we have come to the end of the yoga practice relating to each individual chakra. The 7th and top most chakra in our energetic system means a thousandfold, referring to its infinite nature. This chakra energizes our higher self, the selfless self or the part of our self that is devoid of ego. Its colour is violet and its element is air. A balanced Sahasrara allows us to be open-minded and provides us with clarity and perception of the bigger picture in life.

If you like to practice seeing auras, this chakra may be the easiest to see. In a dimmed room, against a plain background and without focusing you may perceive Sahasrara as an upside down cone-shaped light at the crown of someone’s head.

To stimulate Sahasrara with our breath, we practiced a new form of pranayama, which involved a strong visualization. For Jyioti pranayama, we imagined inhaling a light through the crown of the head to activate and rejuvenate the whole subtle energetic system in 6 stages.

The main asana associated with Sahasrara is sometimes referred to as the crown jewel of yoga practice: the headstand. To be able to do a headstand you not only need to have a strong core, upper back and shoulders, but also complete body awareness and the ability to focus and concentrate. It comes as no surprise that it takes a fair amount of practice to perform a headstand.  Considering that all yoga practice is a training in strength, awareness and concentration, eventually some variation of the headstand can be achieved by most. Any approximation is part of the practice and will benefit body and mind. Realistically some people may never be able to practice the headstand because of a variety of health reasons, but this will not stop them from being an excellent yogis! A good yogi knows and works within the limitations of their own body.

In the remaining classes till Christmas our asana practice will incorporate a couple of asanas for each chakra and their action affirmation. During shavasana, at the end of the class, we will practice a variety of short chakra and colour meditations. Once we have finished the whole subtle energy practice (Kundalini Yoga) we will conclude the year with a lovely restorative/release class, so we feel completely relaxed for the holidays.

Wisdom related to Sahasrara:
Where is the life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
T.S. Eliot 1948

May the benefits of your practice stay with you and extend beyond you.